Apart from the new logistical challenges that workplace canteens face, managing employee expectations of hygiene and safety is also important. With office attendance at an all-time low, the few people who do attend can be understandably hesitant to engage in their normal lunchtime habits.

With grander structures, more responsive user interfaces, and higher-quality hot drinks, vending has definitely grown dramatically over the years. And, as the world appears to be changing forever as a result of COVID-19, we looked at how vending machine can help us generate income even after the pandemic is over.

In several cases, prior to the pandemic, vending was as prepared as it could be. There are less contact points when using a vending machine than when using a pot, and the quick dispense times mean that no one congregates around the machine.

Then there are contactless payments, which were already common before the pandemic. Itadish Vending Machines payment system is possible using ewallet like gcash, paymaya, alipay or even with credit card. (Kindly talk to us for this add on.

Vending Machine Post Pandemic

According to Business Reporter, in a post-COVID environment, retail would be particularly impacted. More people will turn to the convenience and safety of a vending machine as demand for sanitary facilities and solutions increases.

Furthermore, let’s revert to the subject of cashless and contactless payments. By 2020, this type of payment will be accepted by 36% of all vending machines. This is significant, particularly given the World Health Organization’s (WHO) emphasis on cashless and contactless payments.

Then there’s the question of product scope. Vending machines have long been synonymous with “bread and butter” products like cold drinks and snacks, but they can now provide a broader, and even more niche, range of items. Vending machines, with their touchscreen interfaces and video capabilities, placed the customer at the center of the experience. You can now see more details about the item you’re purchasing.

Vending has also made substantial progress in other fields. Vending machines, contrary to popular opinion, are highly advanced. A tempting drinks menu replicates the consistency you’d find in your favorite coffee shop, while stylish templates integrate intuitive user interfaces.

Many cities and hospitals that operate in “high risk” may need additional assurance must have a vending machine, and most have found this to be a lifesaver.

Vending machines are flexible and can handle a wide variety of items. Cakes, Makeups, Jewellery, cell phone, souvenirs,  PPE and sanitary, books, and a number of other products are among them.

Another explanation why vending machines could be a golden option for customers in the future is their product variety. There’s no longer any need to brave the jittery chaos of packed shopping centers and most of all, it is open 24/7.