When Is Vending Machine Repair Necessary?

If you ever had a vending machine, you’re aware that they can occasionally malfunction.   Do not wait for the machine to act weird, Maintenance of vending machines is very important.

For quite some time, vending machines have been popular. Despite the fact that the vending machine industry is one of the most profitable in today’s world, maintenance is essential. Vending machines of various types are launched on a regular basis, although we occasionally have minor issues with them.There are certain complex technical issues that require the assistance of a vending machine professional; however, other issues can be resolved by a layperson as well. Minor issues such as coins being refunded, items becoming stuck, and so on. So prepare to learn about minor issues that may arise in the vending machine industry and how to address them.

Machine Heats up too Often

If your vending machine is overheating, see if it is too close to the wall, as suggested above. Check the temperature on the thermostat as well. You should also make sure that the cooling fan is functioning correctly and that the machine is being properly cooled.

Coins Returning

You need to check if slots are empty or not. Machine will return the coins if items are not there to vend or there is a jam in there. If there are items in there, but coins are being returned you need to clear the jam. Take out all the cans or other products before placing them back. Also, check if wheels are working properly.

Ventilation and Jamming Issues

Ensure that your vending machine has adequate airflow. It’s a good idea to keep it around 5-6 inches from the wall. Because some drinks, such as diet drinks, will freeze at high temperatures, make sure the thermostat is set to the proper temperature. The temperature should be between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If your machine occasionally jams, the cause is likely to be temperature.

Peso Bill Issue

Some machines may experience problem accepting crinkled bill, make sure it is straighten. If more bills are not accepted, check the year that the machine accepts and follow our guide update the bill software.

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