Rara Avis Blend

A blend obtained from Sangiovese and Lambrusco grapes, on the nose it has fruity and red berry aromas. It has a fine and balanced taste.
itadish wine and events

Wine and Events

Choose for your event only the best bottles of italian wine, carefully selected by ITAdish.
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itadish wine supply

Wine Supply

Do you own a bar, wine shop, restaurant or hotel? Do you want to offer your clients the best italian high-quality wine? Discover our special offers for a long-term wine supply for your business.
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ITAdish is an import, wholesale, and distribution company,  throughout the Philippines supplying many Hotels,  Restaurants  and  Events Company.  ITAdish  is  an abbreviation  of  Italian delish. Young, Bold and  Dynamic. Their diverse sales team is well trained, passionate, and experienced in the Philippine Market. The wines are carefully selected, the highest of quality, well complimented by the Filipino palate. From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, they have formed a network to reach all the different provinces and areas of the Philippines.

Our mission is to promote the most ancient traditions, by uniting them with today’s modernity. We aim to create a network of sought-after and appreciated food and wine export all over the world, in the quickest and simplest way possible.

With an initial focus on the wine of the Apulia region, ITAdish wants to guide you through local wineries offering only products of the highest quality. The wines that ITAdish have carefully selected are winners of innumerable awards and considered exponents of Apulian Excellence. Simply put, ITAdish offers you a range of refined and high quality bottles to taste, that can reach you wherever you are.

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