Wine Supply

ITAdish is ready to satisfy your wine requests, by offering only the best labels for your business and your clients. All our wines are produced in Italy, and we, the ITAdish team, never stop monitoring  the wine market in Italy to pick the best bottles and include them in our catalogue, exclusively for you.

ITAdish offers long-term wine supply contracts for bars, hotels, wine shops and restaurant owners, who want to offer their clients only the best wines made in Italy. By signing a long-term supply contract, you will receive exclusive price list reserved only for our partners and we will also help you with organization of wine degustation and other events at your venue.

Whenever you need a piece of advice on which kind of wine would suit better your commercial activity and satifsfy your clients, our team is at your service: just contact us for an appointment with our area manager in Manila who will guide you through the wide array of our wine offers. Also, don’t hesitate to request a skypecall with the italian headquaters’, so we can provide you all the necessary details.

Having a glass of high-quality italian wine at your venue has never been so easy!

Just contact us at [email protected]

Life is too short to drink bad wines… enjoy life with ITAdish!

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