“Where is the best place to put my vending machine?” is a common query we hear from our customers. We’ve come up with a list of potential vending locations to help address this query. This list is intended to help you come up with ideas for businesses in your area where a vending machine might be found.

Is it possible to install a vending machine in any location?

It’s important to remember that you can’t just set up your vending machine anywhere! The majority of locations would require you to adhere to state and local vending regulations. You’ll almost always be required to sign a contract with the property owner. When doing your research, make sure to look at state and local vending rules.



You can begin making calls and visiting each business once you’ve found a few in your region. Request the manager or owner and inform them of your offer to install a vending machine in their company. We suggest that you dress professionally and carry business cards, product samples, and flyers for your chosen machine to each venue.

You can find their numbers from their Facebook pages, websites, instagram or google.

There’s a good chance that these companies already have a vending machine, but it’s also likely that their vending machine is old and mostly sells junk food. It’s not difficult to persuade them to replace their old vending machine with a new high-quality, personalized vending machine that accepts mobile payments, credit cards, cash, and has the guaranteed vend sensor.


So far this is the most effective method in closing the deal.

There is no substitute for speaking to someone face to face. For a start, you can gauge the efficacy of your pitch based on body language and facial expression. It is also harder for someone to reject you face to face.

The biggest advantage of face to face marketing is that based on the above you can refine your pitch because it is almost impossible to gauge over the phone at which point in your pitch you lost the opportunity.

It’s even harder via WhatsApp. People are busy to read or listen to any pitch at the moment. Another difficulty with this is the varying degrees of mood and outside influences of the one in-charge in deciding the approval of your location. Few excuses like, the client was rushed and under pressure to wind up the week’s business on Friday, then fully focussed on a busy Saturday, then in family time on Sunday and now in Monday morning starting the week mode.

What you can do is go in person, bring a product catalog showing the description of your vending machine and an additional information how your vending machine can help in their business. Then ask when is the best day you can bring your Vending Machine over. Chances are they will tell you ( tomorrow, nextweek or a specific day) to get rid of the conversation or it’s possible that they need it as well.  Because Iyou have planted the seed, by visiting and calling,  their subconscious mind will think of  the advantages of having your Vending Machine.

Never get despair when you receive a no. There are thousands of establishments that needs your Vending Machine, and in some of those, you don’t even need to pay for the location esp when it’s beneficial for them. Just keep on looking. Remember, it’s not a tree, you can move it anytime you want. 

List of Places you can put your Vending Machines

Airport . Amusement Park . Apartment Building . Assisted Living  Center . Auto Brake Shop . Auto Dealership . Bank . Bingo Hall . Bookstore . Bowling Alley . Bus Station . Business Office Building . Car Wash . College/ University . Community Center . Community Swimming Pool . Computer Store . Dental Office . Department Store . Doctor’s Office . Dormitory . Driver’s License . Division . Dry Cleaner . Fire Station . Fraternity/ Sorority . Furniture Store . Gift Shop . Golf Course Lounge . Government Office . Gym . Health Club . Hospital . Hotel . Humane Society . Ice Skating Rink . Industrial Park . Laundromat . Library . Mall . Manufacturing Plant . Medical Building . Meeting Hall . Military Reserve/ Guard Center . Military Enlistment Office . Military Treatment Facility . Miniature Golf . Motel . Motor Vehicle Division . Motorcycle Shop . Muffler Shop . Night Club . Nursing Home/ Retirement Home . Oil & Lube Center . Police Station . Private School . Public Utility Office . Railroad Station . Recreation Center . Rental Yard . Rest Stop Facility (off Highway) . Roller Skating Rink . School . Senior Center . Shopping Center . Ski Resort . Stock Brokerage . Telemarketing Office . Tire Store . Tourist Attraction . Truck Stop . Trucking Company . Veteran’s Affairs Facility . Veterinary Office . Waiting Room (any kind) . Warehouse . YMCA . Youth Center . Zoo

Common Location Questions

Q. What’s the best spot for my vending machine?

A- The safest place to position your computer is somewhere where there are a lot of people. Since most of these high-traffic places already have a vending machine, it’s critical to note that if you want to break through to get your machine installed, you’ll need to have the best vending machine and service available. This will assist the location in recognizing the need to remove the old vendor and replace them with you.

Q. What should I cost the owner on average to get my vending machine installed at their location?

A- It is based on how you set it up. If you have a top-of-the-line machine and offer outstanding service to their employees and clients, the location will understand the value you provide and no commission will be needed. However, if you put an old vending machine in their facility with limited functionality, they would be less likely to go in commission-free which is usually 10%.