Q1: Do you have a warranty?

Yes, one year warranty and Spare parts are free. However, you have to pay the shipping fee from the manufacturer. After one year, spare parts can be bought on a discounted price. 


Q2: What is the life time of vending machines? 

Minimum of  10 years, and max up to 30 years or more 


Q3: What is the brand and life time of the compressor used in refrigerated vending machine?

We use Embraco , imported from Brazil .


Q4: What is the life time of cash payment system (coin changer & bill acceptor)?

We adopt ITL bill acceptors by default, which are made in UK and with the service life up to 5 years by average. For coin changer, we use NRI ,made in Germany .


Q5: Are the machines difficult to maintain?

 It’s not difficult at all, and you don’t need to be a technical guy to fix any errors. Our machines have the intelligent of self-diagnosing and self-correcting functions, so you will easily locate and fix the problem when there is a trouble on. Example, when a tray motor gets jammed, an error code will be shown on the blue LCD screen, then you just need to access machine settings and try to get the motor rotate for a circle by running “”motor testing””, and if the motor is not broken inside, it will automatically get back to its initial position and sort the jam out.


Q6: What are the Coins and Bills accepted in the vending machine?

It depends on your country, we can customize it for you.

 In the Philippines, our standard is 1-5-10-20 with change 1-5- and 10. For Bills, 20-50 and 100 with change of either 20 and 50. 


Q7: Is the Vending Machine waterproof?

It is explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof luminous full metal keyboard, However, we don’t recommend to let it sit outside under the heat of sun or rain. Always have something to protect the machine.


Q8: I don’t have time to check the vending machine regularly to restock, is there any way to see my sales and number of stocks available?

Yes. You can monitor your sales and stocks online via cloud. You can access it remotely so it’s okay to refill once a month or when your machine is almost empty. 


Q9: Do you deliver outside Manila?

Yes we do, kindly send us a message on our Facebook page. (click here)