Q1: Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we have one (1) year warranty and spare parts of the machine are free for one year. After the warranty,  you can still get some parts of the vending machine needed for troubleshooting at a discounted price.  All the machines are made brand new for every client, so rest assured it will last long. 


Q2: What happens after my warranty expires? Are you still gonna help us troubleshot our Vending machine?

Yes of course. Our contract offers an after-sale service, meaning you can always reach us via private Whatsapp in case of any problems occur. If you are around Metro Manila, one of our team will come to your area to troubleshoot the machine, however, if you are outside Metro Manila, we will send a video tutorial via WhatsApp on how you can fix your Machine. Our website also has a VM Support Page for our clients only ( Password Protected) so they can access all the manuals anytime remotely, and some troubleshooting guidelines. 


Q3: After buying the Vending Machine, do I need to apply for business permits?

Yes, you need to get a business permit.


Q4: How many percent do i have to pay in the location?

There is no need to pay when you don’t have to. You are providing a service to them. But if you do, give a maximum of 10% gross. Sell the advantage of having your machines at the location, and also explain that giving a commission would cause you to drive up your prices. 


Q5: What are the Coins and Bills accepted in the vending machine?

 In the Philippines, Our standard is 1-5-10-20 with changes 1-5- and 10. For Bills, 20-50 and 100 with a change of either 20 and 50. 


Q6: Is the Vending Machine waterproof?

It is an explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof luminous full metal keyboard, However, we don’t recommend letting it sit outside under the heat of sun or rain. Always have something to protect the machine.


Q7: I don’t have time to check the vending machine regularly to restock, is there any way to see my sales and number of stocks available?

Yes. You can monitor your sales and stocks online via Cloud System. You can access it remotely so it’s okay to refill once a month or when your machine is almost empty. 


Q8: Do you deliver outside Manila?

Yes, kindly send us a message on our WhatsApp 09760933901 or on our Facebook page. 


Q9: What is your cheapest Vending Machine?

Our cheapest Vending Machine is VM2 or Vending Type 2. It is a ready machine for snacks and soda. The price depends on the type of Vending Machine, those with touchscreen, microwave, and frozen VM are a bit more pricy. 


Q10: Can I customize my Vending Machine?

Yes, you can customize your vending machine. The Vending Machine you will buy from us is an empty machine, you need to fill it with your desired item to sell in any Supermarkets or SnR. Vending 1-5 Tray Configuration is standard for snacks and soda design, however, you can change a tray layer and request for a cup noodle layer, coffee, bread, and others. We can customize the spiral size bigger or smaller to accommodate your product.


Q11: What is the process of buying a Vending Machine, do you have requirements?

The first step is to decide which type of vending machine you want. After that, we’ll draft a contract. You can deposit the initial payment (25 percent) at any moment after signing the contract. Also, include a scanned or photocopy of your valid ID, as well as a bank statement (proof of funds).


Q12: Do you offer a discount?

Yes, if you buy two or more vending machines or pay in full, you will receive a discount. For further information, please contact us via Facebook or WhatsApp.


Q13: Do you have a Vending Machine for rent? and what are the requirements?

There are currently none available; however, please contact us to be added to the waiting list. Our current availability is for the year 2022. We will need some documentation, a one-year security deposit, post-dated checks, and a credit check if there is availability.


Q14: Can you help us get a location?

Yes, we also provide location services. We’ve had a few organizations contact us recently who need a vending machine in their office but can’t afford one. They provide free rent and need no payment; all you have to do is refill your machine and collect money.