Most of the 2020 bills are still unstable, sometimes the machine accepts them, sometimes not. ITL is still updating the machine and hopefully done by the end of June 2021. 

Common Problems encountered by this Bill Acceptor:

  1.  20 peso takes time to be read by the machine ( This is most common in year 2020 )
  2. 50 peso is read as 20 peso by the machine   ( This is most common in year 2020 )
  3. Machine does not recognizes 100 bill of 2020 and 2019

As of now, only year 2019 bill notes and below are being read by the machine. However, after the update, the above problems should be solved.

Kindly post it in the machine for customers to know that bill is allowed to be use for the time being. 

Problem 1: Bill Acceptor does not receive any bills


Open the Bill Acceptor, a money could be trap inside. If there is a money stuck inside, remove this bill and assemble back then Reset Power of the Vending Machine. See the video for instruction.

Problem 2: How to get Money in the Float.


How to get Money in the Float.
( Bill Recycle showing 0 bills even if there is )

Find the little button on the box in the bigger hole, Press and hold about 10 seconds. The notes should empty to the lower cashbox.


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