Ready to Eat Meals Full Touchscreen

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  • Color:  White 
  • Dimension: 1920(h) x1635 (w) x 960 (d) mm
  • With refrigeration system.
  • with microwave oven
  • With 49 inches touchscreen
  • Eight belt trays
  • Cloud system for online monitoring of sales and stocks
  • 350kg ( varies with tray configuration)                                                                                                     
  • Six (6) layers selection
  • Voltage : 110V / 220V , 60/50 HZ
  •  Power: 600 w(cold), 650 (
  • Refrigeration System (low consumption) 
  • Stand-alone data export ( through the USB interface, facilitate admin export, manage and analyzes sales data).
  • Dispensing Speed : 3 seconds
  • Cabinet Material : Stainless Steel
  • Glass Door Material : Explosion-Proof Tempered Glass
  • Metallic Keyboard : Explosion-Proof, Dust Proof, Water Proof Luminous




  • large glass window to display goods( Double-layer tempered glass )
  • Explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-proof luminous full metal keyboard
  • Microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault diagnosis and other management functions
  •  Refrigeration system using R134a refrigerating fluid, in line with international green environmental protection requirement.
  • Body material: All steel, durable




  • Adopts to international standard design, up to international DEX standard 
  • Supports all kinds of international general standard peripherals 
  • Customizable IC card payment, Sound control payment, Grabpay, UnionPay, Mobile payment, Credit card payment, Gcash or other payment method. Supports 232 computer serial control.



Highly-advanced operation design

  • All payment systems and electronic board are locked by small doors independently for safe (optional)
  • Trays can be tilted for easy product loading
  • Newly-design coil clip that enable the coil to half- turn easily unlike the traditional clip  that require taking the coil off to adjust the direction. 
  •  High capacity stock of can and bottle tray (can handle up to 110 cans in one tray) (optional)




  • Softvend dispense elevator (optional)
  • Special infrared technology to ensure that your products vend properly. If a selection doesn’t drop, drop sensor detects the failure and tries again twice. If for some reason it still won’t drop, consumers can select another product or choose to receive their money back
  • An anti-theft device and a slow motion closing mechanism : an optional kit is available which will block the dispensing compartment when the vending machine is not being use. However, when a product is dispensed it will open for a programmable length of time to allow the item to be collected (optional).



  • Free delivery within Metro Manila. For deliveries outside Metro Manila, kindly send us a message on our Facebook Page so we can properly guide you with logistics. 




  • One (1) year warranty and motor parts. Lifetime support.




  • 20 % Initial deposit and Contract Signing
  • 55 % Prior to Shipment
  • 25% Upon receiving the Machine
  • In addition; we will require an ID and a bank certificate  ( Proof of the capacity to pay )




  • STEP 1 : Select your desired Vending Machine ( VM1-VM9) and Customization (optional)
  • STEP 2 : Initial deposit of 20% and Signing of Contract. ( This will be 10-15 days for customization and Payment System Installation ) 
  • STEP 3 : Payment of 55% prior to Shipment. (At this stage we will arrange a specific day for your representative if your location is outside Metro Manila).
  • Step 4 : Payment of 25 % Upon receiving the Machine. 

Note: Upon receiving the machine, we will guide you on how to set up the Vending Machine, Navigate through settings and Cloud System. We will provide a hardcopy manual. However, you can also request for a softcopy.




  • 8 inches LCD Screen, for tailored messages, special offers and important announcement
  • GPRS remote control for checking sales data, stock etc.
  • High Capacity Can Tray
  • 7-8 Tray Wiring
  • Universal Wheels
  • Alarm System
  • Each Master medicine is capable of connecting 4 slave machines
  • Customized Sticker
  • Elevator



  •  20k discount for One time-cash payment (for 2nd time buyer only)
  • 15k discount for each vending machine for a single client that ordered 2 units or more. 


(Price varies depending on the payment system)
Php 447k - Vending Machine Box only  ( No payment system)
Php 473k - Vending Machine + Coins with change payment system only
Php 464k - Vending Machine + Bills payment only, no change
Php 476k - Vending Machine + Bills with change payment system only
Php 502k - Vending Machine + Bills and coins with change (Standard VM)

       Above price does not include tax.



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